Logistics Information Management: Volume 16 Issue 5


Operations and Logistics Management

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Action: the most critical phase in outsourcing information technology

Dieter Fink, Ashraf Shoeib

The paper examined the nature of information technology (IT) outsourcing decision making and developed a theoretical framework consisting of five phases of decision…

Understanding the implications of ICT adoption: insights from SMEs

Helen Shiels, Ronan McIvor, Dolores O'Reilly

The phenomenon of the Internet has forced businesses and organisations to examine their existing business practices and adopt new methods of working, both for existing and…

The implementation of online information and communication technology (ICT) on remote construction projects

A. Weippert, S.L. Kajewski, P.A. Tilley

In an attempt to bring the unique talents of various construction industry project participants together in a more productive and integrated manner, the Online Remote…

Managing knowledge in business requirements identification

S. Alshawi, W. Al‐Karaghouli

This paper reflects on experiences when traditional IT approaches were used to design large IT systems and ended in failure. The main reflections focus on the reasons for…

E‐fulfillment: the strategy and operational requirements

J. Michael Tarn, Muhammad A. Razi, H. Joseph Wen, Angel A. Perez

An e‐fulfillment system is designed to meet the high order volume and stringent customer service requirements of global business‐to‐consumer e‐commerce. The system…

Scheduling for intermodal transport

G. Kelleher, A. El‐Rhalibi, F. Arshad

A logistics‐based project is described which addresses the need for better intermodal transport, whilst balancing economic and environmental gains through the use of…



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