Logistics Information Management: Volume 16 Issue 3/4


Operations and Logistics Management

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Issues and trends in computerisation within UK primary health care

Jon Pemberton, Anna Buehring, George Stonehouse, Louise Simpson, Ian Purves

This paper charts the technological developments that have taken place within primary health care during the last 20 years, drawing upon previous research and presenting…

Defining the regional healthcare planning objective using a multi‐criteria approach

Christine Pelletier, Georges Weil

Regional health care planning deals with the regional healthcare resource location‐allocation problem posed to each public healthcare administration. Up to date, the…

Opinions on the use of clinical decision support systems for paediatric prescribing in a New Zealand hospital

Den Pain, Kay Fielden, Rania Alaa Shibl

Adverse drug events and medication errors can occur because of decisions made during prescribing. The New Zealand Herald reported that preventable medical errors by…

Managing thin and thinly distributed knowledge in medical genetics using the Internet

Paul Ambrose, Arkalgud Ramaprasad, Arun Rai

In this paper we examine how Internet technologies are useful in managing thin (amount of knowledge is low) and thinly distributed (density of expertise is low) medical…

IS/IT outsourcing practices in the public health sector of Kuwait: a contingency approach

Abdulwahed Mo. Khalfan, Abdulridha Alshawaf

Presents first an overview of a case study exploring the information systems/information technology (IS/IT) outsourcing phenomenon in the public sector of Kuwait where the…

TeleHealth paradigm for Kuwait’s healthcare

Abdullah Akber, Tom Gough

Technological developments have shed optimistic light on the future of telecommunications in healthcare. However, problems still prevail in the healthcare industry and the…

Towards an improved collaboration model for the national healthcare system in England and Wales: a critical and constructive approach using operational research

Janet Shapiro, Ramon Shapiro

Soft systems methods have a proven record in tackling problems in healthcare and are used to model interactions within the National Health Service (NHS). The precepts set…

Serviceflow management for health provider networks

Ralf Klischewski, Ingrid Wetzel

Exploding expenditure in health care has led to new reimbursement regulations forcing health care providers to conduct their organisations as business concerns. In order…

Development of a management information system to facilitate the daily activities of a public health group and promote public health awareness in society

Frank Wang, Ruby Sharma, Na Helian, Yau Jim Yip

This paper explores the development of a knowledge base within the European Public Health and Environment Network (EPHEN) research group at University College London…

District health information systems in the public sector: health centres in Korea

Dongwoon Han, Heejin Lee

The public health sector in South Korea introduced district health information systems (DHIS) in health centres in the early 1990s. DHIS aimed to help health centres to…

Healthcare information management: the integration of patients’ data

Sarmad Alshawi, Farouk Missi, Tillal Eldabi

In a dynamic and uncertain business environment, with increasingly intense competition and vibrant globalisation, there is a growing demand by healthcare businesses for…



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