Logistics Information Management: Volume 16 Issue 1


Operations and Logistics Management

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Constituent market orientation and ownership of virtual marketplaces

Terence Love, Bryn Tellefsen

This paper applies new empirically‐based knowledge in the area of constituent market orientation to a seven‐element taxonometric model of virtual organisation. The most…

ICT‐enabled organisations: a model for change management

Scott Gardner, Colin G. Ash

Presents a preliminary framework for making sense of and managing change in organisations that have adopted information systems and e‐commerce as a core element of their…

Moving towards e‐government: a case study of organisational change processes

Janice Burn, Greg Robins

Looks at an online strategy project at Legal Aid in Western Australia. Begins with an overview of e‐government and the Western Australian Government context, and then…

A decision chart for small business Web site content

Geoffrey Sandy, Stephen Burgess

Describes some research that is designed to help businesses to maximise the application of Internet technology to add value to their product or service. Uses the type of…

How intimate are Australian e‐business retail supply chains?

David R. Mackay, Graeme L. Altmann, Hamish McMichael

The adoption of electronic commerce strategies is becoming an important means of assisting industries, and indeed whole economies, to gain significant net benefits. The…

The Internet, e‐commerce and older people: an actor‐network approach to researching reasons for adoption and use

Arthur Tatnall, Jerzy Lepa

Many older people are discovering the Internet, and some are also making good use of electronic commerce and all that goes with it. Others, however, are not adopting these…

Security for Internet banking: a framework

Damien Hutchinson, Matthew Warren

As a continually growing financial service of electronic commerce, Internet banking requires the development and implementation of a sound security procedure. This…

The problems of jurisdiction to e‐commerce – some suggested strategies

Mark A. Stoney, Susan Stoney

The long‐term success of business‐to‐consumer e‐commerce depends, in large part, on the existence of satisfactory supporting legal infrastructures coupled with the…

Dual protection offered to computer programs – why the move towards patenting?

Mark A. Stoney, Susan Stoney

While copyright law remains a significant area of law providing easily obtained and low cost protection to the copyright owners of e‐commerce‐related computer programs, it…



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