Logistics Information Management: Volume 15 Issue 5/6


Operations and Logistics Management

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An information security meta‐policy for emergent organizations

Richard Baskerville, Mikko Siponen

There is an increasing movement towards emergent organizations and an adaptation of Web‐based information systems (IS). Such trends raise new requirements for security…

Security practice: survey evidence from three countries

M.J. Warren

Computer security is becoming a global problem. Recent surveys show that there increased concern about security risks such as hackers. There is also an increase in the…

A prototype tool for information security awareness and training

S.M. Furnell, M. Gennatou, P.S. Dowland

Information systems security is a critical issue for all organisations with a significant dependence upon information technology. However, it is a requirement that is…

Perceived information security, financial liability and consumer trust in electronic commerce transactions

Ramnath K. Chellappa, Paul A. Pavlou

Electronic commerce (EC) transactions are subject to multiple information security threats. Proposes that consumer trust in EC transactions is influenced by perceived…

Data protection and privacy: the Australian legislation and its implications for IT professionals

W.G. (Bill) Hewett, J. Whitaker

The notion of privacy takes on a completely different meaning when viewed from the perspective of an IT professional, an organisation using technology to support strategic…

A security evaluation criteria

W.J. Brooks, M.J. Warren, W. Hutchinson

Computer security is now recognised as an important consideration in modern business, with a variety of guidelines and standards currently available to enable different…

Challenges of implementing public key infrastructure in Netcentric enterprises

Sunil Hazari

The explosive growth of e‐commerce has resulted in organizations sharing data over the Internet with other Netcentric organizations. Advances in telecommunications and…

Information security for agent‐based WWW medical information retrieval

Steven Walczak

Electronic information retrieval is becoming a necessity for most businesses, including medical practice. Agent technology promises to provide a facile means for…

Computer viruses: a quantitative analysis

A. Coulthard, T.A. Vuori

This paper provides interesting insights for anti‐virus research, as it reflects a period of rapid uptake in the application of the Internet and the use of e‐mail for…

Concepts in information warfare

W. Hutchinson

This paper examines the fundamental concepts needed to understand the broad spectrum of activities encompassed by the information warfare phenomenon. It provides a…

Securing information infrastructure from information warfare

Sushil K. Sharma, Jatinder N.D. Gupta

The growing dependence on the Internet and related technologies has led to the creation of a new type of warfare, “information warfare” (infowar) which is based on…



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