Logistics Information Management: Volume 15 Issue 1


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

A structure for supply‐chain information flows and its application to the Alaskan crude oil supply chain

Bradley Hull

An effective supply chain requires a smoothly operating information system. Accurate information must flow among the links in a timely, coordinated fashion, which…

Tracking and tracing: a structure for development and contemporary practices

Kees‐Jan van Dorp

Although government and business interest in tracking and tracing has grown enormously over the last decade, a clear and coherent overview of the topic is still lacking…

State‐flow technique for business process analysis: case studies

Tomas Andersson, Annika Andersson Ceder, Ilia Bider

The growth of the Internet and information technology often leads to more customer requests and can mean that a small staff must cope with a large number of business…

Revisiting adoption factors of inter‐organisational information systems in SMEs

Michael Morrell, Jean‐Noël Ezingeard

For over a decade large companies have turned to supply‐chain management and inter‐organisational system‐development techniques to increase their efficiency and…

Lane‐occupancy‐delay estimation system (LODES) for logistics information management

Steven I. Chien, H. Joseph Wen, Ching‐Jung Ting, Jing Qu

Work‐zone delay is very costly to the movement of goods and people. It is increasingly problematic for logistics management if the travel time or delay information cannot…



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