Logistics Information Management: Volume 14 Issue 1/2


Operations and Logistics Management

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E‐commerce marketing strategies: an integrated framework and case analysis

Eric Allen, Jerry Fjermestad

Demonstrates the usefulness of the traditional marketing model in developing e‐commerce marketing strategies. Discusses four e‐commerce frameworks and integrates them with…

Planning for electronic commerce strategy: an explanatory study from the financial services sector

Christian Bauer, Joe Colgan

Focuses on Internet strategy and its place in corporate distribution strategy. The underlying purpose of the research is to review the relationship between the generic and…

Internet transactions and physical logistics: conflict or complementarity?

Cãlin Gurãu, Ashok Ranchhod, Ray Hackney

Every business can be described in terms of flows – both of materials and of information. Materials flow into the company, between activities within it, and in the form of…

E‐business strategy: how to benefit from a hype

Floris P.C. van Hooft, Robert A. Stegwee

A fundamental approach to setting up an e‐business initiative is needed to fully utilise the capabilities of Internet technology in a specific business setting. Such an…

Web portfolio based electronic commerce: the case of transtec AG

Claudia Loebbecke, Stefan Schäfer

While the Internet promises to radically change businesses in all industries, European companies have not yet embraced electronic trading with the enthusiasm of their…

An e‐business model to support supply chain activities in construction

Eddie W.L. Cheng, Heng Li, Peter E.D. Love, Zahir Irani

A model for an e‐business infrastructure that can be used to support supply chain activities in construction is proposed. A virtual network structure that acts as a…

An analysis of the virtual value chain in electronic commerce

Ganesh D. Bhatt, Ali F. Emdad

In electronic commerce, businesses require to integrate two kinds of activities – ones that are embedded into the physical value chains and the others that are built…

A framework for information systems planning for e‐business

Somendra Pant, T. Ravichandran

E‐business information systems are computer applications that leverage intra‐ and inter‐firm process and systems integration. Considering the growth and strategic…

CLASIC: Collaborative LAyered System using Intranet Capabilities

Dolphy M. Abraham, Kala C. Seal

Discusses the use of intranet technology within business and academic institutions. Presents the CLASIC model, a layered application model to plan, design, develop and…

Resolving the complexity dilemma in e‐commerce firms through objective organization

Ron Sones

The escalating rate of activity in the e‐commerce arena over the past ten years increasingly supports the noumenon of a viable new mode of business activity…

The development of e‐commerce: the emerging virtual context within Egypt

Sherif Kamel, Maha Hussein

The information and communication technology evolution is aggressively affecting the business world in the twenty‐first century. The magnitude of change in business…

Transborder data flows: adoption and diffusion of protective legislation in the global electronic commerce environment

Vanishree Rudraswamy, David A. Vance

Information privacy is currently regarded as one of the key ethical issues of the information age. Rapid technological developments and the advent of Internet based…

Critical constructs for analyzing e‐businesses: investment, user experience and revenue models

Rahul De, Biju Mathew, Dolphy M. Abraham

Examines issues related to the successes and failures of Internet businesses. Recent literature has stressed the value of microeconomic models of markets to analyze…

E‐knowledge networks for inter‐organizational collaborative e‐business

Merrill Warkentin, Ravi Bapna, Vijayan Sugumaran

Evaluates the increase in inter‐ and intra‐organizational knowledge sharing capabilities brought about by the Internet‐driven “new economy” technologies and the resulting…

Interpreting the role of disruptive technologies in e‐businesses

Gurpreet Dhillon, David Coss, Ray Hackney

In interpreting the role of disruptive technologies in the relative success and failure of firms, this paper uses Christensen’s principles to review the strategies of…

Global strategies for SMe‐business: applying the SMALL framework

Emmanuel Tetteh, Janice Burn

The World Wide Web (WWW) offers exciting new opportunities for small and medium‐sized enterprises (SMEs) to extend their customer base into the global marketplace…



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