Logistics Information Management: Volume 13 Issue 4


Operations and Logistics Management

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An object‐based process planning and scheduling model in a product design environment

Samson Tam, W.B. Lee, Walter W.C. Chung, Henry C.W. Lau

A typical product design project involves a number of activities, and each activity requires human resources support. These activities and resources must be properly…

Improving competitiveness of ready‐to‐assemble manufacturers through information technology

Tom Bramorski, Manu Madan, Jaideep Motwani, R.P. Sundarraj

Price has traditionally been the order‐winning criterion for ready‐to‐assemble (RTA) products such as furniture, bicycles, kit models, etc. In order to be able to compete…

The knowledge network: knowledge generation during implementation of application software packages

Eric Scherer

Under increasing pressure, many industrial enterprises are seeking means to improve their performance. Years of rationalizations led to the conclusion that no one‐time…

Performance evaluation of a Web‐based information system for laboratories and service centres

R.Y.K. Fung, A.C. Pereira, W.H.R. Yeung

This paper introduces a generic performance measurement methodology for identifying and dimensioning the user requirements of laboratory information systems with a view to…

Development of virtual cellular manufacturing systems for SMEs

A. Subash Babu, K.N. Nandurkar, Austin Thomas

The concept of virtual cellular manufacturing systems (VCMS) is finding acceptance among researchers and practitioners as an extension to group technology. This paper is…

Applications of statistical techniques to the quality improvement of a 15A circuit breaker

P.K. Leung, Chi‐kin Chan, L. Ng, T.W. Leung, Vincent Fung

As an initial step to implement total quality management (TQM) in a small manufacturing enterprise (SME) of electrical products, we applied statistical techniques to…

Tracing of information links empirically (TILE) in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)

J.G. Thoburn, S. Arunachalam, A. Gunasekaran

Information systems (ISs) are at the heart of any responsive organisation. However current tools and techniques of evaluation and design of ISs are not well suited to the…



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