Logistics Information Management: Volume 13 Issue 3


Operations and Logistics Management

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The impact of competitive intelligence and IS support in changing small business organizations

Tor Guimaraes

The voluminous body of literature on the management of change, including sub‐areas such as Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Total Quality Management (TQM), and…

A design of an ABC template for easy assimilation in SME

M.F.S. Chan, K.F. Keung, W.W.C. Chung

Technology has become an integral part of many businesses and, over time, new technology is deployed for business transformation process. It can come in the form of tools…

Innovative change management in SMEs: beyond continuous improvement

Rodney McAdam, Peter Stevenson, Gren Armstrong

With increasing market pressure and fragmentation Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) must move beyond the change philosophy of Continuous Improvement (CI) and…

Value challenges in supply chain management

W.K. Poon, K.H. Lau

In response to on‐going global business pressure, the supply chain management of Motorola Semiconductors Hong Kong Limited has imposed a “value challenge” programme to…

The effective application of SAP R/3: a proposed model of best practice

Majed Al‐Mashari, Mohamed Zairi

Although SAP R/3 has become widely utilised as a means to change IT systems and business processes, not all organizations embarking on its implementation have achieved…

Task allocation using case‐based reasoning for distributed manufacturing systems

K.L. Choy, W.B. Lee

Introduces a case‐based management system (CBMS) for decision making such as allocating tasks under a distributed manufacturing environment. The distributed manufacturing…

Measuring uncertainties in MRP environments

S.C. Koh, M.H. Jones, S.M. Saad, S. Arunachalam, A. Gunasekaran

Many uncertainties in Material Requirements Planning (MRP) systems are treated as “controllable” elements, with a variety of buffering, dampening and other approaches…



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