Logistics Information Management: Volume 12 Issue 5


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

Managing purchasing in a supply chain context – evolution and resolution

Patrick Fung

Traces the development of purchasing from a materials acquisition function to supply chain management. The paradigm shifts to recognising every purchase is also a sale and…

Efficiency improvement in manual warehouses through ERP systems implementation and redesign of the logistics processes

Antonio Rizzi, Roberto Zamboni

Deals with the issues related to the implementation, in a manual finished goods warehouse, of an ERP information system aimed at improving warehouse internal logistics…

Bottleneck allocation methodology (BAM): an algorithm

Gerhard Plenert

Takes the development of a new optimization process for production scheduling and develops it into a systematic‐mathematical algorithm. Tests this algorithm against a…

Justification and implementation of activity based costing in small and medium‐sized enterprises

A. Gunasekaran, H.B. Marri, R.J. Grieve

There is a potential to improve the overall performance of SMEs and hence their competitiveness. Activity based costing (ABC) is gaining importance in organizations that…

Expert system: defection and perfection

Bel G. Raggad, Michael L. Gargano

Unlike other computer‐based information systems, expert systems (ES) are characterized by the satisficing and conservative behavior of their users. Shows that the learning…



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