Logistics Information Management: Volume 12 Issue 1/2


Operations and Logistics Management

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Maximise information systems value by continuous participative evaluation

Dan Remenyi, Michael Sherwood‐Smith

Proposes a continuous participative evaluation process built on the formative evaluation paradigm. The benefits of this approach are that all the primary or core…

Evaluating information technology in dynamic environments: a focus on tailorable information systems

Nandish V. Patel, Zahir Irani

The question of evaluating evolutionary information systems is problematic because of the diverse range benefits and costs, which display differing natures. Increasingly…

Understanding “IS business value”: derivation of dimensions

Marguerite C. Cronk, Edmond P. Fitzgerald

The ever increasing expenditure on information systems (IS) has been accompanied by an increasing demand to measure the business value of the investment. There has been…

The ISSUE methodology for quantifying benefits from information systems

George M. Giaglis, Nikolaos Mylonopoulos, Georgios I. Doukidis

The assessment of information systems (IS) benefits is an important practical problem in IS investment appraisal. After briefly reviewing the nature of IS benefits, we…

A graphical method for assessing knowledge‐based systems investments

Jeffrey A. Clark, Fawzy Soliman

Suggests that businesses need a method specifically designed to assess the value of knowledge‐based system (KBS) investments. Explains the inadequacies of current…

Information systems and other capital investments: evaluation practices compared

Joan A. Ballantine, Stephanie Stray

Reports on the findings of two surveys which examined the way organisations evaluate information systems/technology and other capital of investments. The issues addressed…

Rethinking the approaches to information systems investment evaluation

Vassilis Serafeimidis, Steve Smithson

Numerous information system evaluation methodologies have been proposed in the literature. However, most of them suffer from a number of inherited disabilities originating…

Research note: integrating business and network simulation models for IT investment evaluation

G.M. Giaglis, R.J. Paul, R.M. O’Keefe

Although the inherent interrelationships between business processes (BP) and the underlying information technology (IT) infrastructure imply that the design of these two…

Influence of information technology investment on firm productivity: a cross‐sectional study

Subhasish Dasgupta, Joseph Sarkis, Srinivas Talluri

Impact of information technology on firm productivity has received significant attention in information systems literature. Although many studies were performed to…

Technology management of IT in construction: a driver or an enabler?

Ghassan Aouad, Michail Kagioglou, Rachel Cooper, John Hinks, Martin Sexton

The 1970s and 1980s have witnessed the development of many technological advances in the construction industry. At the same time, IT has been perceived as a driver for…

Does information technology improve coordination? An empirical analysis

Namchul Shin

With the use of information technology (IT), organizations radically redesign their business processes and improve their business profitability and productivity. Previous…

Management of information technology evaluation ‐ the development of a managerial thesis

Sam Lubbe, Dan Remenyi

The aim is to address the approach and identify the assessment of the effectiveness of IT investment used by organisations, to develop a thesis of good practice in this…

Factors influencing consumer perceptions of Web‐based decision support systems

Rex Eugene Pereira

Develops and tests a general model for understanding the influence of query‐based decision aids (QBDA) on consumer decision making in the electronic commerce environment…

Push technology supporting IS/IT management decisions

Marco de Marco, Maddalena Sorrentino, Andrea Carignani

The growth of the public Internet and enterprise intranets as a digital distribution mechanism for information has exploded and today one of the most promising…

Research note: theoretical optimisation of IT/IS investments

Amir M. Sharif, Zahir Irani

The justification of information technology (IT) is inherently fuzzy, both in theory and practice. This is due to the largely intangible dimensions of IT projects. In view…



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