Logistics Information Management: Volume 10 Issue 6


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

Performance‐driven quality

John V. Chelsom

Considers the relationships between ISO 9000, TQM and business performance. It argues that the correlation between ISO 9000 and success is still weak, and that many…

Measuring the maturity of TQM implementation in services

Rhian Silvestro

Few service organizations in the US and Europe have not by now attempted to implement at least some of the principles of TQM in their operations. Indeed some service…

Relative index for downsizing employees (RIDE): a measure of performance

Zeina A. Karake

Adds to the existing level of knowledge regarding the general phenomenon of downsizing and its relationship to the level and pervasiveness of quality and performance in…

Are ISO 9000 and TQM routes for logistics excellence?

Samuel K. Ho

The value of ISO 9000 and TQM are revisited, including the relationship with logistics strategy and the four pillars of TQM. The Japanese TQM experience is put under close…

Service level agreements as a contributor to TQM goals

Robert J. Parish

Service level agreements (SLAs) are informal contracts agreed between supplier and user of a service. Defines the performance required of the service and puts in place…

From electronic money to electronic cash: payment on the Net

S. Peter Buck

The discussion of online payments, while ultimately being a key issue for the future Information SuperHighway, is as significant now as it ever will be. The explosive…


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