Logistics Information Management: Volume 10 Issue 4


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

Integrating information systems and health care

Paul M. Johns

Suggests that the US health‐care environment is undergoing major changes, raising a number of challenges for health‐care organizations. Not only must they build and retain…

Information systems concepts: a guide for executives

Bel G. Raggad

Explains that information technology (IT) applications, especially as reinforcer of competitive advantage, has received prodigious attention. Despite a generous coverage…

A conceptual model for executive support systems

Sang M. Lee, Jim Q. Chen

Suggests that most executive support systems are designed to support executives’ information and communication needs. The cognitive aspect of executive support has…

Marketing practices of UK high technology firms

Sangeet Dhanani, Nicholas O’Shaughnessy, Eric Louw

Describes an empirical study which aimed to compare the marketing practices used by high‐tech and low‐tech companies in the UK, and to attempt to explain any significant…

Auditing system flexibility in the context of manufacturing strategy information

C.E.R. Wainwright, N. Bateman

Suggests that there is a need to develop a process to enable manufacturing managers to formulate and implement effective manufacturing strategies. Describes research aimed…

The use of computerized information systems to gain strategic competitive advantage: the case of a start‐up manufacturing company

Martyn Roberts, Michael Wood

Looks at the use of computerized information systems by a start‐up manufacturing company in the south of England. Describes the company ‐ Solent Technical Mouldings Ltd …



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