Environmental Management and Health: Volume 9 Issue 5


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Biochemical changes in wheat plants as affected by residues of dimethoate and pirimicarb

M.A. Abo‐El‐Seoud, M. Frost

Wheat plants were grown in field plots of 3×3m area. After growth period of two months, the growing plants were sprayed with dimethoate and pirimicarb at the recommended…

Workplace radon in Northamptonshire

A.R. Denman, Paul S. Phillips

Northamptonshire is classified as a radon affected area, with greater than 1 per cent of domestic dwellings being above the UK Action Level of 200Bq m‐3. Workplace radon…

Effect of pond ash on ground water quality: a case study

I.V. Suresh, C. Padmakar, Prabha Padmakaran, M.V.R.L. Murthy, C.B. Raju, R.N. Yadava, K. Venkata Rao

The potential problems and their consequences due to fly ash disposal have been well studied around the world. Ash pond is a common available disposal facility for thermal…

Chemically assisted primary treatment of municipal wastewater

S.S. Younis, N.M. Al Mansi, S.H. Fouad

The objective of this work is studying the use of chemicals to enhance primary treatment in municipal wastewater treatment plants, thereby reducing the cost of the…



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