Environmental Management and Health: Volume 9 Issue 3


Environmental Management / Environment

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Highlights I Determination of metals in cigarette smoke II On‐site mercury analyzer III Hazardous gas monitoring

J.G. Llaurado

I By adding an impaction plate in a graphite furnace it is possible to separate and collect 6µm particles which are found in cigarette smoke. This allows for the…

Managing environmental risks from genetically modified organisms: the role of safety training

Norma Ford, Gai Murphy

Genetic modification (GM) has been called “the new biotechnology” and has been hailed as a leading enabling technology, facilitating major innovation in health care, as…

The European Union EIAS, EMAS and audits

Roger H. Charlier

Although EU directives were issued quite some time ago, implementation progresses slowly and at an unequal pace in Union member states. Certification of assessors…

Awareness and preparedness for emergencies at local level ‐ UNEP’s APELL programme

Janet B. Stevens

The ten‐step APELL process, as set out in the APELL Handbook, is described, together with the roles of the APELL partners and ways of starting APELL. An account of UNEP’s…

Radon exhalation rate from some fertilizers, clay and potatoes in Egypt

A.F. Maged, E.A. Saad

Large amounts of uranium, radium and radium products are redistributed throughout the environment owing to the use of phosphate fertilizers. Potential radiological impacts…

Environmental issues and our chemical world ‐ the need for a multidimensional approach in environmental safety, health and management

Chrysanthus Chukwuma

Environmental issues are diverse and result from different factors and situations. These call for a multidimensional approach to combat environmental perturbation with…



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