Environmental Management and Health: Volume 9 Issue 2


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Chronic pollution in freshwaters, evaluation of ecological impacts and implications for water resource management

Nicholas J. Barnes

Conventional techniques for assessing and monitoring water quality have been primarily based either on the use of living material as “bio‐indicators” or on the employment…

An Atlantic shoreline ecosystem recovering from Chernobyl (?) Gamma‐radioactivity: Isle of Barra, Western Isles, Scotland

F.B. Pyatt, D.D. Gilbertson

This paper compares the gamma‐radioactivity values determined in an intertidal ecosystem on the Atlantic island of Barra in the Western Isles of Scotland in 1989 and 1994…

Enviro‐management as a profit center

D. Keith Denton

The environment is the source of many discussions in America’s board rooms. Most of the conversations probably center around cost containment, dealing with new regulations…

Integrating quality and environmental management as competitive business strategy for 21st century

Ismail Ahmed Aboulnaga

Today’s business world changes due to public demands, technology and global competition. Customers are considering environmental values into their supplier(s) selection…

Ecological landscape planning techniques for biodiversity and sustainability

Daryl W. Cowell

Approaches to land use planning have gone through considerable evolution during the past 30 years. Western nations have learned hard lessons about the consequences of not…

Recent trends and developments: reuse of wastewater in agriculture

Khaled M. Abu‐Zeid

Many countries all over the world are facing water shortages. As population increases, water is being perceived as a very valuable resource. Every effort is exerted to use…



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