Environmental Management and Health: Volume 9 Issue 1


Environmental Management / Environment

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Research and the development of the technologies of the Information Society applied to the environment

Fotis Karamitsos

This article mainly aims at presenting the research and development of technologies of the Information Society applied to the environment, in the framework of the European…

Telematics and environment in Greece

Mata Aravantinou

This article aims at giving a general overview of the telematics role in environmental information management in Greece. The main scope is to present the existing…

ETC/CDS ‐ status and future developments

Stefan Jensen

The article describes the ETC/CDS (European Topic Centre on Catalogue of Data Sources) current developments in the field of European environmental information, according…

REMSSBOT: a general survey

Claudio Inguaggiato

Most public administrations have already some environmental management systems or subsystems in place, which are usually incompatible. An obvious way to remedy this…

User requirements and functional specification in REMSSBOT

Paolo Gallo, Luca Viarengo

The User Analysis phase of the project, which consists of the user needs and requirements investigation and the functional specification for each of the participating…

System architecture and the catalogue of data sources

ir. Gerrit van Barneveld

The article describes the system architecture concept applied in the REMSSBOT project, focusing especially on the use of the Catalogue of Data Sources (CDS). The design…

REMSSBOT technical implementation

Maarten Galle

REMSSBOT overcomes the technical problems that arise when you need to access regional environmental data that are located at several data providers that have different…

The Piemonte region demonstrator

Paolo Gallo, Luca Viarengo

Describes the Piemonte region demonstrator within the REMSSBOT project. Indicates which is the field of the application of the demonstrator (the management of the…

The Attica region REMSSBOT demonstrator

Athena Bourka

The article gives an overall presentation of the demonstrator implemented, in the framework of the REMSSBOT project, in Attica. The application site is the Ministry of…

Integrated water management and remote data access, possibilities of a system based on telematics

Hugo Niesing

The article is focused on the integrated water management and remote data access that is accomplished through REMSSBOT in the Scheldt region. The general Scheldt…



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