Environmental Management and Health: Volume 8 Issue 5


Environmental Management / Environment

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Historical development in occupational and environmental health

Kazutaka Kogi

States that the last decade has seen a great growth in occupational health in the Asia‐Pacific region, despite the fact that significant gaps still exist. Occupational…

Organization and services in occupational and environmental health

Kazutaka Kogi, Tsuyoshi Kawakami

Describes how many Asia‐Pacific countries have experienced a major shift in occupational health services in the last two decades. There is an extension of occupational…

Education and training in occupational and environmental health

Wai‐On Phoon

Posits that in the last decade or so, there has been a very great increase of training courses in occupational and environmental health, not only in developing countries…

Current problems in occupational and environmental health: overview

Wai‐On Phoon

Reports that among the major current problems in Asia‐Pacific countries are those due to heat, heavy metals, organic solvents, pesticides, carcinogens, dusts, reproductive…

Current problems ‐ emerging issues in occupational and environmental health

Kazutaka Kogi

Sheds light on emerging problems in occupational and environmental health in the Asia‐Pacific region which include the changing employment structure, including the…

Field training for ergonomic students in Bali, Indonesia

Adnyana Manuaba

Describes a practical, step‐by‐step training for students in ergonomics in Bali, Indonesia. Emphasizes participatory learning, field training, and skills in leadership and…

Low‐cost solution to improving Philippine working conditions: is it wise?

Reydeluz D. Conferido

Shows how, in the Philippines, a programme (called WISE) to encourage the introduction of occupational health and safety into small‐scale enterprises has been developed…

Ergonomic modifications of shovels in India

Rabindra Nath Sen

Submits that, in developing countries, there is still a large dependence on handheld, non‐mechanical tools. For a long time, the design of tools, such as shovels, has not…

Improving conditions of work and life in a rural district in the Mekong Delta area in Vietnam

Tsuyoshi Kawakami, Ton That Khai

Describes a research project into emerging health risks to farmers in the Mekong Delta. It is a joint effort between Vietnam and Japan. Subjects include workload studies…

The Australian mesothelioma programme and register

James Leigh

Confirms that malignant mesothelioma has a very high and increasing incidence rate in Australia. Describes the establishment of a national mesothelioma register.

A special University of Occupational and Environmental Health in Japan

Toshiteru Okubo

Shows how the Occupational and Environmental Health University in Japan, with its Institute of Ecological Sciences, delivers several unique national and international…

The role of professional bodies in occupational and environmental health in the Asia‐Pacific region

Wai‐On Phoon

Acknowledges that professional associations and colleges and similar bodies have played a major part in the development of occupational and environmental health. Some…

Current research‐Welfare

Kazutaka Kogi, Tsuyoshi Kawakami

Gives several examples from many countries of the rapid development in research on welfare, epidemiology, ergonomics, psychosocial issues, occupational medicine…

Current research‐

Kazutaka Kogi, Tsuyoshi Kawakami

Examines the published research literature regarding the application of occupational epidemiology in Asia and the pacific rim countries, as an assessment tool for the…

Current research‐Ergonomics

Kazutaka Kogi, Tsuyoshi Kawakami

Cites twenty references from the literature on the application of ergonomic principles in Asia and the pacific rim countries, regarding workplace and equipment design with…

Current research‐Psychosocial issues

Kazutaka Kogi, Tsuyoshi Kawakami

Points to the contrast between traditional working life patterns and the demands of an increasingly industrialized and high technology society, for the increase in…

Occupational medicine, toxicology, biological monitoring, safety and environmental health, occupational hygiene

Wai‐On Phoon

Presents a summary of the research literature on the title topics, performed in the countries of Asia and the pacific rim. Mentions for occupational medicine a series of…

International dimension of occupational and environmental health

Jukka Takala, Isaac Obadia

Describes the Global Programme on Occupational Safety, Health and Environment of the International Labour Office (ILO). The inculcation of a safety culture, access to…

Occupational health for all: the strategy of the World Health Organization

Mikhail Ivanovich Mikheev

Observes that the World Health Organization (WHO) has promoted the goal of “Health for All” since 1977. The Workers’ Health Programme of WHO aims to: strengthen…

Finland’s role in promoting collaboration in occupational health and safety

Jorma Rantanen, Suvi Lehtinen

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) has, through the Finnish International Development Agency, FINNIDA, supported the development of occupational health…

Some highlights of environmental health programmes in the Western Pacific

Wai‐On Phoon

Describes environmental health improvements in Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Fiji and the Solomon Islands. Many of such improvements were implemented with the…



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