Environmental Management and Health: Volume 8 Issue 3


Environmental Management / Environment

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Estimation of organic carbon stocks in crown phitomass of pine stands in the Central Povolgie region (Russia)

Petr Alekseevich Sokolov

Investigates carbon sequestration by tree age and ripeness in the concrete forest region of Central Povolgie, Russia. Recommends the resulting data for use in the…

Hong Kong people’s “subjective feelings” about pollution

Roger P.K. Ho

Looks at Hong Kong people’s perceived impact of environmental pollution for the purpose of aiding policy making. This is an alternative to recognizing only the perceptions…

Economic analysis of pulsed versus conventional ESPs in industrial applications

A.C. Caputo

Pulsed energization of electrostatic precipitator (ESP) may represent one of the most promising solutions to comply with strict environmental regulation in case of high…



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