Environmental Management and Health: Volume 7 Issue 2


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Introduction ‐ SCOPE‐RADTEST

Frederick Warner

Introduces a series of reports on environmental research activities being undertaken at the University of Essex, beginning with a summary of the past and present…

The post‐Chernobyl environmental situation

Frederick Warner, L.J. Appleby

The most significant sources and environmental pathways of manmade radionuclides have recently been examined by the RADPATH (Biochemical Pathways of Artificial…

Aerosols and global warming

Ian Colbeck

Aerosols play an important role in the radiative balance of the atmosphere. While sulphate aerosols are recognized as the dominant contributor of tropospheric aerosols…

Radar observation of storms

Anthony R. Holt

Radar can provide valuable information on the spatial distribution of rainfall, but is not as yet able to provide accurate quantitative information on rainfall rate…

Estuaries and saltmarshes: the interface between land and sea

D.B. Nedwell

Research over the last 20 years has had a major focus on the ecology of east coast estuaries, including the interaction between coastal seawater and saltmarshes. It is not…

Climate change and crop growth

James I.L. Morison

Describes a simple framework for examining the factors affecting crop production, and explains how this framework can be extended to more complex simulation models of crop…

New information on nuclear tests

Frederick Warner

The recently established SCOPE‐RADTEST (Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment‐Radioactivity from Nuclear Test Explosions) programme is examining releases of…

The UK’s Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution after 25 years

Andrea Williams

In 1995 the UK’s Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution was 25 years old. Examines just a few aspects of the way it has functioned during its life.

Grinding slow and grinding sure? The making of the Environment Agency

Albert Weale

Describes the initial moves towards forming the Environment Agency, taken in 1976. Outlines the amalgamation of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Pollution and the National…

The environment knows no borders ‐ but states do

R.J. Johnston

Few environmental problems can be contained to one defined segment of the earth’s surface; because of the inter‐connectedness of environmental systems, most problems spill…



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