Environmental Management and Health: Volume 6 Issue 5


Environmental Management / Environment

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Highlights: opportunities for improving the Russian environment

J.G. Llaurado

Reports on the state of the environment in the newly emerged Russiaand the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Although the Russianconstitution was one of the first…

Metal concentration of atmospheric inhalable particles in Jedda

Omar Ali Sabbak

Presents the measured concentrations of iron, zinc, cobalt,chromium, nickel, lead, manganese and sodium in atmospheric inhalablecoarse and fine particles for the period…

Britain and the intergovernmental panel on climate change: promoting research or managing change?

Sonja A. Boehmer‐Christiansen

The important role played by the UK in the negotiation of theFramework Convention on Climate Change in 1992 can be explained by thesupport given to the Intergovernmental…

Beach nourishment as efficient coastal protection

Roger H. Charlier, Christian P. De Meyer

Coastal sections suffering from erosion generally show the commonsymptom of a lack of available sand to allow the build up of the naturalcoastal barrier. Soft methods of…



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