Environmental Management and Health: Volume 6 Issue 4


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Turnover rate and fate of radioactive parathion applied to an aquatic system

Mohamed A. Abo‐El‐Seoud, Matthias Frost

Investigates the assimilation and persistency of 14C‐parathionin an aqueous culture system. The radioactive pesticide was added to thenutrient medium of both soybean and…

Latent constraints for improved sustainable environmental health management in non‐industrialized countries

Chrysanthus Chukwuma

Demographic, social, epidemiologic and political changes occursimultaneously with macroeconomic changes. In the health sector, forinstance, the progress evident in health…

Characteristics and control of industrial effluent‐generated pollution

A.Y. Sangodoyin

Evaluates existing systems of collection and disposal of industrialwaste water in the Lagos metropolis, Nigeria. Examines the rate ofgeneration of waste water in the…

Computer‐based environment for the study of ecological systems

Paulo Sergio Panse Silveira, Hyun Mo Yang, Eduardo Massad

Describes a computational environment based on cellular automataand genetic algorithm principles. This kind of approach is useful in alarge set of applications…

Traffic noise and annoyance

K. Karami, S. Frost

Describes a socio‐psychological study performed in a residentialarea of Tehran, exposed to both aircraft and traffic noise. Analysis ofresidents′ responses to road traffic…

Environmental health impact assessment in Flanders, Belgium

Peter Janssens, Luc Hens

Discusses the book of guidelines for environmental impactassessment on human health published by the Flemish Government in anattempt to introduce conformity in…



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