Environmental Management and Health: Volume 6 Issue 3


Environmental Management / Environment

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Food and the environment

A.E. Bender, D.A. Bender

In less developed countries there are chronic food shortages andscarcity of arable land and water, coupled with increasing population.Widespread irrigation permits more…

The British Nutrition Foundation’s role in nutrition education

Gill Fine

In 1988 a curriculum audit by the British Nutrition Foundation(BNF) identified which subjects included food and nutrition in theirsyllabus. A framework for teaching food…

Nutrition education for medical undergraduates

J.S. Garrow

In the past medical undergraduates have received nutritioneducation piecemeal – as part of courses in biochemistry,pharmacology, physiology, gastroenterology, etc. In…

Nutrition in the curriculum for health‐care professionals

David A. Bender

Argues that a substantial amount of nutrition should be included inthe curriculum for all health‐care professionals, including nurses,osteopaths, physiotherapists…

Renewable, non‐polluting energy

A.E. Bender

The growth of population is outstripping our ability to preventirreversible degradation of the natural environment and continuedpoverty for much of the world. Discusses…

Why food research?

A.W. Holmes

New industries associated with food altered the face of the foodindustry in the 1950s. Food research has continued since then. Discussesthe Delphi and brainstorming and…

Food processing and the environment

S.H. Mardikar, K. Niranjan

Food‐processing operations produce many varied types of wasteswhich include solid and liquid effluents and, to a much lesser extent,volatile organic compounds, e.g…

Activated sludge treatment of food‐processing wastewater with bioaugmentation: a comparative study

Howard H. Lo, Yung‐Tse Hung

Evaluates the effect of bioaugmentation on the activated sludgetreatment of food wastewaters including those containing potato, starch,sugar and milk. Parameters of study…



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