Environmental Management and Health: Volume 5 Issue 1


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ICP‐MS for Screening of Metal Ions in Algae and Waste Water

Erland Johansson, Torbjörn Willén, Roland Mattsson, Torsten Liljefors

By using Inductively Coupled Plasma‐Mass Spectrometry (ICP‐MS)multi‐element analysis was performed on six toxic and one non‐toxiccyanobacteria and waste water. A method…

A Molecular Basis for Understanding the Benefits from Subharmful Doses of Toxicants

R. van Wijk, H. Ooms, F.A.C. Wiegant, J.E.M. Souren, J.H. Ovelgönne, J.M. van Aken, A.W.J.M. Bol

In the past many scientists have published papers on hormesis, onmolecular stress responses, and on the similia principle in homoeopathy.Very few, however, have stressed a…

Environmental Effects of the War in Croatia

Mervyn Richardson

The war in Croatia has caused very significant damage to chemical andallied industries. This damage has inflicted pollution to soils,groundwaters, major rivers used by…

Transport and Air Pollution in California

Wyn Grant

The seriousness of California′s air quality problems has led to thedevelopment of innovative policies to tackle air pollution exemplifiedby the air quality management plan…



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