Environmental Management and Health: Volume 4 Issue 4


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Highlights I. Steam versus Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers II. American Inaction in Food Irradiation III. Ergonomically Designed Workstations

J.G. Llaurado

I. Explains the two processes and gives the advantages of EthyleneOxide. Examines the regulations to protect the environment and possiblehazards to employees. II. Explains…

Environmental and Occupational Health: The Asia – Pacific Region

Wai‐On Phoon

The Asia‐Pacific Region is the fastest growing area of the world ineconomic terms. Unfortunately, it has also suffered from severalenvironmental and occupational health…

Water Quality in Pipe Distribution Systems

A.Y. Sangodoyin

Examines pollution risks in Ibadan′s (Nigeria) water distributionsystem. Attributes the observed reduction in water quality tourbanization pressure, age of piping…

Some Geocancerological Diseases

Emile‐Gaston Peeters

Reviews determining factors for cancer – both intrinsic(cellular oncogenes and growth factors) and extrinsic (viruses, soilcomposition, wastewater recycling, dietetic…

Air Pollution: Issues and Solutions

Michael J. Suess

Provides a summary of the main European regional and world globalissues in relation to air pollution. Makes reference to the classicalproblems of SO⊂x, SPM and NO⊂x…



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