Environmental Management and Health: Volume 4 Issue 3


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Highlights I. Genetically Modified Organisms II. Environmental Change, Health and Socioeconomic Development III. Ecosystems Approach to Municipal Management

J. Rose

I. The release of GMOs into the environment would improve foodsupplies and benefit pollution control but in view of the potentialrisks the public should be fully aquainted…

Some Chemistry/Hazards of Halogen Biocides

Mervyn Richardson

Reviews some of the chemistry and environmental hazards associatedwith chlorine and bromine compounds when used as water disinfectants inmany industrial processes. Lays…

Adsorption Study of Dye Wastewater with Powdered Activated Carbon

Ruth Yu‐Li Yeh, Robert Lian‐Huey Liu, Hui‐Mei Chiu, Yung‐Tse Hung

A study to determine the effectiveness of PAC on the removal of CODand colour from dye wastewater. Factors affecting treatment efficiencywere investigated and included PAC…

Domestic Waste Disposal in Southwest Nigeria

A.Y. Sangodoyin

In a developing environment, much is being done to provide for safestorage, collection and sanitary disposal of household waste; yet theproblem still persists. Examines…

Triboluminescence : A Possible Indicator of Exposure to Radiation – The Chernobyl Accident

Valeri E. Orel

Proposes use of the triboluminescence of blood and condensedexhaled air products (which accompanies mechano‐chemi‐emission effectsin biological objects) as a quantative…



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