Environmental Management and Health: Volume 4 Issue 2


Environmental Management / Environment

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Highlights I. Rationale of a Clean Construction Protocol II. Nuclear Power Plants in France III. Fighting Pests, Protecting Crops and Saving the Environment

J.G. Llaurado

I. Investigates the need for “building clean” ratherthan “first build and clean later”. This is toeradicate/reduce microbes in areas therefore reducing also the risk…

Historical Pollution: A European Prospective

Martin H. Warren

Examines the development of UK and European environmental law. TheTreaty of Rome has been amended to provide for assessment of new EC lawsin terms of environmental impact…

Fluoride Problems in Sri Lanka

H.A. Dharmagunawardhane, C.B. Dissanayake

Argues that excessive fluorides in groundwater are a serious waterquality problem in some parts of Sri Lanka. The incidence of dentalfluorosis shows a high correlation…

Distribution of Ammonia in the Jiddah Atmosphere

Omar Ali Sabbak

Reports a comprehensive field study of atmospheric ammonia(NH⊂3) concentration which was conducted in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia(one of the fastest growing cities in the world…

Removal of Herbicides from Groundwater

C. Nurizzo, R. Marforio, P. Butelli

Herbicides are groundwater pollutants found where intensiveagricultural practices are performed. This is the case in NorthernItaly: atrazine, symazine, bentazone…



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