Environmental Management and Health: Volume 4 Issue 1


Environmental Management / Environment

Table of contents

Highlights I. The Planet’s Future II. Food and Chemistry

J. Rose

I. Reviews the joint statement from the US National Academy ofSciences and the UK Royal Society on the catastrophic consequences ofunbridled population growth, excessive…

Air Pollution and Health: Economic and Epidemiological Aspects

Mordechai Shechter, Leon Epstein, Ayala Cohen

Examines three inter‐related facets of environmental pollution: thephysiological facet, namely the effect of exposure on health(specifically, morbidity), which has…

Organomercury Compounds: Some Toxicological Aspects

Mervyn Richardson, I.M. Trakhtenberg, M.N. Korshun

Summarizes some of the most relevant toxicological aspects from theUNEP/IRPTC′s Scientific Reviews of Soviet Literature on Toxicity andHazards of Chemicals, No. 117…

Impact of Lead Pollution on the Contamination of Water, Soil and Plants

Ibrahim M. El‐Gamal, Hussein I. Abdel‐Shafy, Kamal T. Hindy

Examines the effect of pollution along the agriculture highwaybetween Cairo and Alexandria. Different samples of water, soil andplants (clover) were collected from nine…

Five Years Post‐Chernobyl: Accumulation of γ‐radioactivity in Intertidal Organisms (Skye, UK)

F.B. Pyatt, E.H. Beaumont

An analysis of radioactivity in organisms inhabiting the intertidalregion of the Island of Skye revealed accumulation of gammaradioactivity by specific organisms, such as…



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