Environmental Management and Health: Volume 3 Issue 3


Environmental Management / Environment

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Highlights I. Pollution of Aquifers II. Composting and Waste Disposal III. Population Growth and a Sustainable World

J. Rose

I. Pollution of Aquifers examines the document produced by theFrench Academy of Sciences concerning the current state of theunderground water tables in France, proposes…

Hospital Waste Management: An International Viewpoint

Michael J. Suess

Management of waste from hospitals, other health care facilitiesand health‐related research laboratories, whilst not a new issue, hasgained increased attention in recent…

Biotechnology: The Regulatory Aspects

P.G. Jones

Sets out the new developing regulatory structure in the UK tocontrol work involving genetically modified organisms (GMDs) withrespect to human health and safety and…

Monitoring of Environmental Radioactivity around the Tuwaitha Site

Baha A. Marouf, I.K. Al‐Haddad, N.A. Tomma, J.A. Mahmood, N.F. Tawfiq

An environmental radioactivity monitoring programme has beenestablished around the Tuwaitha nuclear site, Baghdad, Iraq, to ensurethe safety of the public living around…

An Overview of Water, Water Pollution and Control in China

Xie Yongming

Presents a survey of water, water pollution and control in China.Water shortage and water pollution are two of the most importantenvironmental problems and factors…

Sustainability in Mining

Ralf Buckley

Sustainability issues of particular concern in mining include:inadequate or uncertain base‐line information; distinction betweenexploration and production; air, water and…



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