Environmental Management and Health: Volume 3 Issue 2


Environmental Management / Environment

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Highlights I. Modelling Environmental Systems II. Power Generation and the Environment III. European Air Pollution Study

J. Rose

I. Describes models developed by institutions associated with theUK Natural Environment Research Council for the analysis ofenvironmental events with respect to hydrology…

Thinking Green

Idris Pearce

Reviews three broad perspectives on our relationship with Nature,and the environmental strategies which flow from them, two of which areidentified with the Green movement…

Bracket Fungi as Indicators of Atmospheric Pollution

F. Brian Pyatt

Specimens of the bracket fungus (Ganoderma applanatum) werecollected from highly polluted sites in Czechoslovakia and also fromEngland. The bracket fungus was found to be…

Economy, Health and the Environment: The African Experience

Randolph K. Quaye

Seeks to introduce a comparative international perspective intoexisting research and scholarship on the environmental degradationfacing the world community. Focuses on the…

Environmental Opportunities and Risks in Finance

Ralf Buckley

Outlines environmental opportunities for the finance sector, whichinclude: environmental investment funds; investment in new environmentaltechnologies and services; and…



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