Environmental Management and Health: Volume 2 Issue 1


Environmental Management / Environment

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Highlights I. Sick Building Syndrome, II. Radioactive Waste Management in Developing Countries, III. Motor Vehicle Trends

J. Rose

I. Sick Building Syndrome, II. Radioactive Waste Management inDeveloping Countries, III. Motor Vehicle Trends and Implications. Threeitems are highlighted. I. Diagnosis…

Towards an Integrated Waste Management Strategy

R. Kerry Turner, Jane Powell

Future waste management in the UK will have to address the problemof rising costs of waste disposal. The current financial costs oflandfill disposal represent an under…

A Medical Waste Management Strategy

Fred A. Curtis, Karen Mak

Because medical waste may present potential hazards to employees,waste handlers and the general public, all facilities generating thisform of waste should develop and…

Coping with the Greenhouse Effect

G.G. Thurlow

The problems of reducing significantly the release of man‐produced“greenhouse gases” (principally CO⊂2, methane, nitrousoxide and the CFCs) and of predicting their effect…

The Environmental Challenge: Realising the Potential of the Fifth Fuel

J.A. Collins

Post‐war world economic growth has been accompanied by a five‐foldincrease in the demand for energy – 80 per cent of it met by oiland gas. However, fossil fuels are not…



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