Environmental Management and Health: Volume 13 Issue 5


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An overview of plant diversity, land use and degradation in the Mediterranean region of Turkey

M. Ozturk, A. Celik, C. Yarci, A. Aksoy, E. Feoli

The Turkish Mediterranean region covers an area of 198.165km2, including ten states and a coastline of about 4,389km. The area has served as a womb for several…

Developing indicators for the estimation of sustainable settlement size in Ireland

Bernadette O’Regan, Richard Moles, Ruth Kelly, Joe Ravetz, Darryn McEvoy

Research was undertaken within the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmental RTDI Programme during the six‐month period from March to August 2001 by a…

A public health problem? : Aspects and implications of the ingestion of copper and lead contaminated food by Bedouin

F.B. Pyatt, A.J. Pyatt, J.P. Grattan

Large metalliferous spoil and smelting tip sites, generated during the Nabatean, Roman and Byzantine periods, continue to exist in southern Jordan and still exert…

Environmental management of ozone in Beirut urban areas

M. El‐Fadel, M. Zein, I. Nuwayhid, D. Jamali, S. Sadek

Urban tropospheric ozone (O3) concentrations can reach 40 folds its background level due to traffic‐induced emissions and extensive industrial activities. As such, O3 has…

Food security and agricultural sustainability: an overview of critical success factors

Peter Nijkamp, Gabriella Vindigni

This paper offers an overview of factors that are decisive for productivity increase in the agricultural sector (both farming and agro‐food). An attempt is made to explain…

Joint forest management in India and its ecological impacts

K.S. Murali, Indu K. Murthy, N.H. Ravindranath

Ecological impact of joint forest management (JFM) in India was assessed using the studies undertaken at national, state and forest division levels. It was found that…

The role of environmental education as a tool for environmental management in Cyprus: Strategies and activities

Constantina Skanavis, Evelina Sarri

This paper examines the social structure and public services in Cyprus. It examines the need for an environmental awareness assessment of the citizens in order to…

Maximization, partial regulation, and system dominance: Can they be drivers of true sustainability?

Lucio Munoz

Three of the fundamental aspects under which current development programs operate are self‐interest‐based plans, compartmentalized regulatory environments, and unbalanced…



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