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Sustainable house design: Fernando de Noronha‐Brazil

Rosãngela Tenório, Aldomar Pedrini

This paper describes the methodology and the environmental assessment results of the proposed sustainable house in Fernando de Noronha island (038 51 south and 328 25

Sunny walls vs sunnier roofs: A study on the advantages of roofs for solar collection

Thanos N. Stasinopoulos

This study focuses on the widely accepted principle that the equatorial sides of a building offer the optimum solar potential for solar space heating. A comparison between…

IDEA: Interactive Database for Energy‐efficient Architecture

Frank D. Heidt, Joachim Clemens, Stephan Benkert, Willi Weber, Peter Gallinelli, Johann Zirngibl, Claude François, André de Herde, Kristel de Myttenaere, Simos Yannas

The project IDEA – Interactive Database for Energy‐efficient Architecture – is a multinational collaborative project to build a European knowledge base on advanced energy…

Two low income social housings: A comparative study of the environmental behaviour

Juan José Mascaró

This paper studies the environmental behavior of two low‐income social housings: one is located in Barcelona, Spain, and the other in Porto Alegre, Brazil. They were both…

Urban planning instruments to improve winter solar access in open public spaces

Maria Jose Leveratto

There is general consensus about the lack of open green spaces in Buenos Aires. Due to this, different actions are been proposed to improve the quality of existing ones…

Energy saving by means of innovative building envelope systems

Italo Meroni, Alba De Salvia, Roberto Lollini, M. Cristina Pollastro

Nowadays, one of the main goals of the building industry and architecture is to exploit the solar source for the air‐conditioning of buildings. Over the last years many…

Green roofs in temperate climates and in the hot‐humid tropics – far beyond the aesthetics

Manfred Köhler, Marco Schmidt, Friedrich Wilhelm Grimme, Michael Laar, Vera Lúcia de Assunção Paiva, Sergio Tavares

Green roofs are still often seen as a pure aesthetical element in architecture, as a spleen of some “greenies”. In fact green roofs already contribute, to some extent, to…

Optimal orientation and automatic control of external shading devices in office buildings

Antonio Carbonari, Giancarlo Rossi, Piercarlo Romagnoni

Movable shading devices are often used to control solar radiation falling on large glazed surfaces in contemporary non‐residential buildings. The paper presents some…

A new language of architecture: in quest for a sustainable future

Arvind Krishan

Sustainability and architecture are synonymous terms. While sustainability, physically and economically, is to a large extent manifest in the habitat built form, it is the…



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