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Recycling of granite industry waste from the northeast region of Brazil

Romualdo Rodrigues Menezes, Gelmires de Araújo Neves, Heber Carlos Ferreira, Hélio de Lucena Lira

Solid wastes are today one of the worst problems in the word, mainly because of the increase in volume and the high capacity of environmental contamination. The aim of…

Integrating construction pollution control with construction schedule: an experimental approach

Zhen Chen, Heng Li, Conrad T.C. Wong, Peter E.D. Love

A quantitative approach for managing construction pollution control that is based on construction resource leveling is presented. The parameters of construction pollution…

An analysis of pesticide impact on air quality, especially surface ozone

Hoda F.S. Rizk, Ahmed A. El‐Abssawy, Mamdouh I. Khoder

The present study aims at shedding some light on the serious effect of insecure pesticides to the surface ozone as a secondary pollutant resulting from some photochemical…

Chemical treatability of dairy wastewater

Aysegul Tanik, Esra Ates Genceli, Alpaslan Ekdal

Chemical treatability of dairy wastewater originating from a dairy and dairy products plant at Istanbul was investigated on the basis of chemical oxygen demand (COD…

An analysis of groundwater vulnerability and water policy reform in India

Vikas Chaudhary, Gunnar Jacks, Jan‐Erik Gustafsson

Water is a basic human need, a finite life support system and a key to prosperity. Unplanned industrialisation, urbanisation and impact of liberalised import of wastes…

The Baltic environmental information dissemination system: a tool for sustainable development in the Baltic Sea region

Walter Leal Filho

The on‐going economic development of EU‐countries as well of the countries in the Central and Eastern (C&E) European region has been leading to a significant use of a…

Effluent quality and wastes from petroleum drilling operations in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

M.J. Ayotamuno, A.J. Akor, T.J. Igho

The research assessed the development of petroleum drilling activities and its associated waste discharges in the Niger Delta environment of Nigeria. Field visits were…



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