Environmental Management and Health: Volume 13 Issue 1


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Multi‐criteria model for post‐earthquake land‐use planning

Serafim Pricovic

A multi‐criteria model is developed for analyzing the land‐use strategies for reducing the future social and economic costs in an area with potential natural hazard. A…

A review of trends in health‐impact assessment and the nature of the evidence used

Martin Birley

Developments at all levels between project and policy have a potential impact on human health. Health‐impact assessment (HIA) is a discipline that seeks to assess these…

A review of the glass‐making industry of Murano (Venice, Italy) under an environmental perspective

L. Giusti, M.C. Polo

The glassworks of Murano have been, and still are, one of the causes of environmental pollution of the Venetian Lagoon, primarily via atmospheric emissions but also as a…

Environmental impact of contraceptive use: an overview of available evidence

John E. Ehiri, Martin Birley

This paper, which is based on experience from a recent, large, social‐marketing intervention to improve reproductive health in Orissa, India, reviews evidence of harmful…

Response‐predictive model of oil spills in aquatic environments

B. Onyekpe

Due to the inherent environmental hazards posed to our ecological system by the problem of oil spillage in aquatic media, an analytical model of this situation was derived…

GIS‐assisted waste management in a protected area

Antonio Casimiro Caputo, Pacifico Marcello Pelagagge, Federica Scacchia

The problem of environmental management in a protected area has been examined in the paper. A methodological approach based on geographical information system (GIS…

The nexus between industrialization and environment: A case study of Indian enterprises

Clare D’Souza, Roman Peretiatko

India’s rapid industrialisation growth in small and large enterprises has had its impact on the environment; this has now become a major concern to the economy. The…

Success factors for integration of ecodesign in product development: A review of state of the art

Glenn Johansson

On the basis of a literature review, 20 factors essential for successful integration of ecodesign in product development are presented in this paper. The success factors…



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