Environmental Management and Health: Volume 12 Issue 4


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Integrating the ecodesign concept in small and medium‐sized enterprises, Experiences in the Flemish region of Belgium

An Vercalsteren

In Belgium, small and medium‐sized enterprises (SMEs) are not very aware of the possibility of integrating the life cycle concept in the development of products…

Web‐based tools for environmental management

Kostas Karatzas, Nicolas Moussiopoulos, Agis Papadopoulos

Contemporary urban environmental management calls for dissemination of environmental information among the public. This can be achieved by using a simple, while at the…

Urban and peri‐urban water‐related relationships: closing the loops

Akissa Bahri

Urban population growth has increased pressure on natural resources, water in particular. It has resulted in serious water stresses, poor waste management and severe…

Effective microbial degradation of organochlorines in fluidised bed reactor: Transferring basic research to practice

Lars Meierling, Werner Hegemann

The aerobic microbial treatment of a groundwater contaminated with several organic compounds was investigated. This microbial process was combined with posttreatment by…

Socio‐economic benefits of leaded gasoline phase‐out: The case of Lebanon

Z. Hashisho, M. El‐Fadel

Lead emissions from vehicles using leaded gasoline is a serious environmental problem in urban areas. While leaded gasoline has been completely phased out in many…

A survey of carbon monoxide in student rented flats in London, UK

Jonathan M. Horner, Diana F. Hutchings, Thomas F.P. Frank

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a potentially lethal gas which cannot be detected by the senses. Each year in the UK, at least 50 people die from acute CO poisoning caused by…

Modelling the effect of information feedback on the spread of the Ebola virus : A computer simulation

Bernadette O’Regan, Richard Moles

Describes the application of the tools and techniques of the system dynamics method to the complex problem of understanding the spread of the Ebola virus. The main…

Natural attenuation as a viable remediation method

Ross Prizzia

This paper describes the concept of natural attenuation and its role as a remediation method. It contains examples illustrating the various modalities via which natural…



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