Environmental Management and Health: Volume 12 Issue 2


Environmental Management / Environment

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Risk perception interactions in stress and coping facing extreme risks

Esperanza Lopez Vazquez

Natural and technological catastrophes are worrying our societies at all levels (economical, political, social, psychological) because of the disturbances they generate on…

Integration of management systems

Antonio Scipioni, Francesca Arena, Mirco Villa, Giovanni Saccarola

Quality management systems have become almost compulsory in many branches of industry in the last few years. A similar development seems to be possible for environmental…

Recycling construction and demolition wastes – a UK perspective

Nigel Lawson, Ian Douglas, Stephen Garvin, Clodagh McGrath, David Manning, Jonathan Vetterlein

In England and Wales, the construction industry produces 53.5 Mt of construction and demolition waste (C&D waste) annually, of which 51 percent goes to landfill, 40…

Eco‐efficiency in corporate budgeting

Roger Burritt, Stefan Schaltegger

Any measure of eco‐efficiency requires financial information, for calculating the numerator, and physical information about the environment, for calculating the…

Integrate the environmental dimension – visions for transport

Lars Westermark

Policies to combat climate change in the transport sector have been identified by European governments, and in the transport council strategy for integrating environmental…

Eco‐efficient products and services through LCA in R&D/design

Staffan Laestadius, Lennart Karlson

Increasing demand for sustainable development during the last decades has expanded the scope of corporate responsibility to include environmental issues in all levels of…

Reducing environmental pollution caused by construction plant

Roy Morledge, Frank Jackson

Quantifiable data produced in a national report by the Environment Agency of England and Wales entitled Water Pollution Incidents in England and Wales 1997 and published…

The management of innovation by frontrunner companies in environmental management and health and safety

Gerard Zwetsloot

A European case study on the relationships of environmental management and health and safety with an emphasis on innovation and organisational learning in five European…

Chemically modified low cost treatment for heavy metal effluent management

R. Saravanane, T. Sundararajan, S. Sivamurthy Reddy

The removal efficiency of lead [Pb(II)], zinc [Zn(II)], nickel [Ni(II)] and chromium [Cr(VI)] from aqueous solutions by adsorption on non‐conventional materials (rice husk…



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