Environmental Management and Health: Volume 11 Issue 2


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Application of anaerobic fluidized bed reactors in wastewater treatment: a review

R. Saravanane, D.V.S. Murthy

During the past ten years, anaerobic process has become a popular technology for treating concentrated effluents. Research and development programmes led by both engineers…

Uncertainty associated with radioactive waste chacteristics

Branko Kontic, Matjaz Ravnik, Peter Stegnar, Burton C. Kross

To clarify uncertainty in predictions of the quantity, radionuclide inventory and activity of waste from the Krsko nuclear power plant, and to illuminate its role in…

An initial control of indoor air biocontamination

Kamal T. Hindy, Abdel Hameed A. Awad

Indoor biocontamination is recognized as a potential public health problem. The concentration of indoor pollutants is varied, depending on air filtration, air distribution…

A framework for implementing ISO 14000 in construction

Zhi Hui Zhang, Li Yin Shen, Peter E.D. Love, Graham Treloar

ISO 14000 has been developed as a new international standard series for promoting environmental protection and sustainable development. Since the introduction of ISO 14001…

Rainwater chemistry as influenced by atmospheric deposition of pollutants in Southern Nigeria

V.C. Uzomah, A.Y. Sangodoyin

Examines rainwater chemistry as it relates to atmospheric pollution in Southern Nigeria. Rainwater samples were collected and analysed for major cations and anions in…

An overview of some of the policy implications of the eco‐economic development market

Lucio Munoz

The recent economic/environmental discourse on development issues has led to a new paradigm of development, called here the “eco‐economic development model”, but usually…

Oxidative coagulopathy A proposed pathogenetic mechanism for environmental illness

Majid Ali

Freshly prepared, unstained peripheral blood smears from 46 of 50 patients with chronic environmental illness showed clear microscopic evidence of advanced oxidative…



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