Environmental Management and Health: Volume 10 Issue 5


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Application of life cycle analysis: the case of green bullets

James S. Bogard, Katherine L. Yuracko, Michael E. Murray, Richard A. Lowden, Norm L. Vaughn

Life‐cycle analysis (LCA) provides a general framework for assessing and summarizing all of the information important to a decision. LCA has been used to analyze the…

Utilization of by‐pass kiln dust for colour removal of wastewater streams

N.M. Abdel Monem, N.M. Al‐Mansi, M.S. El‐Nawasra

The removal of Ismative SHR blue (reactive dye) using a very cheap cement factory waste called by‐pass kiln dust has been investigated in batch mode. The effects of…

Migration of DINP and DOP plasticisers from PVC sheets into food

M.M.K. Fouad, A.M. El Sayed, A.N. Mahdy

Over the last few decades, the use of plastics as packaging materials has increased due to their properties and processibility. On the other hand, as a result of contact…

Protecting Europe’s groundwater: legislative approaches and policy initiatives

Phyllis B. Judd, C. Paul Nathanail

There have been many positive recent developments in the groundwater legislation and policies of the 15 European Community member States (excluding Luxembourg), as the…

An overview of trends related to environmental reporting in Singapore

Martin Perry, Teng Tse Sheng

Environmental disclosure within company annual reports has become an increasing expectation of environmental regulators and campaigners in industrial countries. It is an…



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