Environmental Management and Health: Volume 10 Issue 4


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Regional modelling of particulate matter with MADE

Ingmar J. Ackermann, Heinz Hass, Benedikt Schell, Francis S. Binkowski

Describes the development and application of an aerosol model for regional air quality simulations. The aerosol model MADE is based on a modal concept and describes the…

PNAM: parallel software for air quality simulations in the Naples area

Pasqua D’Ambra, Guido Barone, Daniela diSerafino, Giulio Giunta, Almerico Murli, Angelo Riccio

The parallel Naples airshed model (PNAM) is a parallel software package for the numerical simulation of photosmog episodes in urban scale domains. It solves the…

Real time predictions of transport, dispersion and deposition from nuclear accidents

Jørgen Brandt, Jesper H. Christensen, Zahari Zlatev

Describes a tracer model, DREAM (the Danish Rimpuff and Eulerian Accidental release Model), developed for studying transport, dispersion, and deposition of air pollution…

Computational challenges of modelling interactions between aerosol and gas phase processes in large‐scale air pollution models

Gregory R. Carmichael, Adrian Sandu, Chul H. Song, Shan He, Mahesh J. Phadnis, Dacian Daescu, Valeriu Damian‐Iordache, Florian A. Potra

Discusses computational challenges in air quality modelling (as viewed by the authors). The focus of the paper will be on Di, the “current” state‐of‐affairs. Owing to…

Implementation of a parallel 4D‐variational chemistry data‐assimilation scheme

Hendrik Elbern, Hauke Schmidt, Adolf Ebel

Presents the development and implementation of a four‐dimensional variational (4D‐var) data assimilation technique for a comprehensive Eulerian chemistry‐transport model…

Calculation of ozone and other pollutants for the summer, 1996

Jan Eiof Jonson, Leonor Tarrason, Jostein Sundet

Presents results for April‐September 1996 from the Multi‐layer Atmospheric CHemistry model, Oslo (MACHO), a regional scale photo‐chemistry model, and compares to…

EMMA model: an advanced operational mesoscale air quality model for urban and regional environments

Roberto San José, Miguel A. Rodriguez, Enrique Cortés, Rosa Maria González

Mesoscale air quality models are an important tool to forecast and analyse the air quality in regional and urban areas. In recent years an increased interest has been…

3D adaptive unstructured meshes for air pollution modelling

Alison Sarah Tomlin, Saktipada Ghorai, Gordon Hart, Martin Berzins

High resolution models of air pollution transport and transformation are necessary in order to test possible abatement strategies based on pollution control and to…



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