Environmental Management and Health: Volume 10 Issue 3


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Innovative regional environmental policy – the RECLAIM‐emission trading policy

Uwe Schubert, Andreas Zerlauth

The discussion of how to manage air‐quality in a heavily polluted area like Los Angeles (LA), California, in an era of shrinking public budgets and a trend towards…


Regional productive structure and water pollution in the Ebro Valley (Spain)

Rosa Duarte Pac, Julio Sánchez‐Chóliz

This paper uses the input‐output methodology in order to study the water pollution associated with an economic system, through an examination of the productive…

The atmospheric emissions in Spain: a regional analysis

X. Guntín‐Araujo, M.L. Chas‐Amil, M.C. Lorenzo‐Díaz

The gas emissions towards the atmosphere are one of the main and most actual environmental problems in the world. The effects of greenhouse gas emissions have been studied…

Ecological sustainability and personal behavior: relations demonstrated by the decision‐making process of selecting a certain transportation mean

Reinhold Priewasser

Facing the aim of ecological sustainability only little emphasis has been placed on the fact that the extent of environmental stresses is not only a consequence of certain…


Weak and strong sustainability indicators and regional environmental resources

Michael Getzner

Weak sustainability indicators often suffer from their unrealistic and inadequate assumption of substitutability between natural capital and man‐made capital. Defining…


Indicators of sustainable land use: concepts for the analysis of society‐nature interrelations and implications for sustainable development

Helmut Haberl, Heinz Schandl

Proposes two concepts for the empirical analysis of society‐nature interrelations: first, socio‐economic metabolism – the material and energy flows between societies and…




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