Environmental Management and Health: Volume 10 Issue 2


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Nuisance caused by aircraft noise in the vicinity of Tehran International Airport

Khodabakshsh Karami, Stan Frost

Noise measurement and social questionnaire surveys in three residential areas around Mehrabad International Airport (Tehran, Iran) were based upon randomly selected…


Economic comparison of pulsed electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters in coal‐fired utility plants

Antonio C. Caputo, Pacifico M. Pelagagge

Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) and fabric filters (FF) are the main air pollution control equipment utilized to clean dust laden fumes from utility boilers. The choice…

Employee involvement, pollution control and pieces to the puzzle

D. Keith Denton

Employee involvement is essential to improving pollution control. Organizations like Dow Chemical have been able to use employee involvement to reduce pollution. It begins…


Industrial waste pollution in the Kano river basin

M.H. Bichi, B.U. Anyata

Kano River basin, which serves as the main source of water supply to metropolitan Kano, is also used as receiving body for industrial wastes from Sharada and Challawa…




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