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Pesticides and groundwater in the State of Washington

Laurie Morgan

Pesticides have been detected in groundwater in many areas of the State of Washington over recent years. Laws and regulations of federal and state environmental protection…

Sustainable groundwater management under impacts of urban growth in a developing country ‐ a case study in the city of Shijadran, China

Yuesuo Yang, X. LIn, L. Zhou, R.M. Kalin

Urban groundwater is an important and valuable resource for Shijadran City, China. With the impact of rapid urban growth Shijadran is at risk of severe aquifer depletion…

Electrokinetic remediation of metals‐contaminated sediments: a technology demonstration involving former waste lagoons

Martin A. Wills, John C. Haley, Gene L. Fabian, R. Mark Bricka

Electrokinetics (EK) is an emerging remediation technology for the in situ removal of heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, and radionuclides from soils and sediments…

An analysis of the remediation of oil contaminated refinery sites

J.J.W. Mol

Petrochemical and refining operations can cause severe environmental damage due to emmisions to soil, air and ground‐ and surface water. The general framework for remedial…

Modelling the future of groundwater resources in central Spain

Mark Mulligan, Sophie Burke

This paper looks at the potential implications of land use and climate change for replenishment of the five aquifers which lie beneath the Upper Guadiana catchment in…

Air flow optimization and surfactant enhancement to remediate toluene‐contaminated saturated soils using air sparging

Krishna R. Reddy, Robin Semer, Jeffrey A. Adams

This paper presents the results of laboratory experiments that investigate the removal of volatile organic compounds from saturated soils through the use of air sparging…

The biodegradation of cyanide in groundwater at gasworks sites, Australia: implications for site management

S.M.E. Meehan, T.R. Weaver, C.R. Lawrence

Cyanide is extremely toxic to both human and aquatic life and exists as a contaminant in soils and groundwater at decommissioned gasworks sites due to past industrial…

Environmental impacts of groundwater exploitation using GIS

P.D. Hedges, T.W. Charnock

Although the environmental impacts of groundwater abstraction and water table recovery are now known, historically they were given scant recognition due to the ad hoc



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