Environmental Management and Health: Volume 1 Issue 3


Environmental Management / Environment

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Highlights: I. Irradiated Foods and Irrational Minds: Some Food for Thought II. Medical Waste Legislation: Is it Really Necessary?

J.G. Llaurado

Two items are highlighted: I. The pros and cons of food irradiationand public reaction to this; II. the stringency which which medicalwastes disposal should be regulated…

Carbon Monoxide Levels: Individuals Occupationally Exposed to Vehicle Exhaust

Robert C. Read, Malcolm Green

Using a portable breath carbon monoxide analyser, breath carbonmonoxide (CO) of non‐smoking police motorcyclists in central London wasfound to be consistently elevated in…

Some Environmental Aspects of Ischaemic Heart Disease

Leslie M. Klevay

The origins of ischaemic heart disease are obscure. The articlediscusses the influence of environment, heredity and diet (especiallyfor consumption). It is then proposed…

Drinking Water Biodenitrification: Demonstration Plant Results

C. Nurizzo, R. Vismara, M.R. Allione

The article reports on the extension of a previous pilot study ondenitrification of water in a demonstration plant: the results showedthat four reference loads of nitrate…



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