Environmental Management and Health: Volume 1 Issue 2


Environmental Management / Environment

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Highlights: I. Amino Acid Hazard: Recall of L‐Tryptophan; II. From the Industrial Revolution to the Mental Institution; III. Human Genome Project

J.G. Llaurado

Three items are highlighted: I. The recall of L‐tryptophan by theUSA Food and Drug Administration because of its near certain causalrelation to eosinophilia‐myalgia…

Copper‐carbohydrate Interaction: Part II

Meira Fields

In this second part of the review the roles that copper and dietarycarbohydrate play in the cardiovascular system, pregnancy and lactation,haemopoiesis, and in male and…

Asbestos Fibres in the Ambient Air of Israel

S. Brenner, E. Ganor, Z. Anavi

The growing attention paid to the adverse health effects ofexposure of the Israeli public to asbestos fibres has resulted in acomprehensive programme of sampling and…

A Radiological Assessment of Scottish Edible Seaweed Consumption

P. McDonald, G.T. Cook, M.S. Baxter

Seaweeds are known accumulators of trace elements and edibleseaweeds are popular commodities in health food outlets. This particularstudy covered an area directly affected…

Empirical Determination of Environmental Assets: Noise Abatement

Thijs Zuidema, Hans Ten Kate

This article deals with the determination of the benefits ofenvironmental assets, involving an application for noise. In determiningthese benefits the so‐called Cost of…



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