Environmental Management and Health: Volume 1 Issue 1


Environmental Management / Environment

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Highlights: Biological Effects of Non‐ionising Electromagnetic Radiations: Fact or Fiction?

J.G. Llaurado

After analysing the differences between ionising and non‐ionisingradiations, the author considers the interaction between radiations andthe environment, in particular that…

Indicators for a Healthy City

Daniel Cappon

Two detailed taxonomies designed to help define the relationshipsbetween a city′s environment and the health of its citizens aredescribed. The first taxonomy enumerates…

Copper‐Carbohydrate Interaction: Part I

Meira Fields

Recent studies have shown that the type of dietary carbohydrateconsumed greatly affects copper homeostasis. Simple sugars such assucrose and fructose exacerbate the signs…

Hazardous Waste Products and Problems

Michael J. Suess

Principles for managing hazardous waste include elimination, ifpossible, reduction, changing processes and product lines, treatment anddisposal. Exports should be…

Biological Treatment of Landfill Leachate

Carlo Collivignarelli, Stefano Bina

As is known, leachate produced in a municipal solid waste landfillhas very high concentrations of organic and inorganic pollutionsubstances. Hence when present in deep or…

Long‐term Health Effects of Environmental Pollution: A Third World Perspective

C.R. Krishna Murti

The effect of social‐national development in the context of thecurrent environmental crisis, particularly in the Third World isexamined. The health effects of chemical…



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