Records Management Journal: Volume 9 Issue 3


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Concepts and principles for the management of electronic records, or records management theory is archival diplomatics

Luciana Duranti

The greatest challenges with which digital systems present us are the creation and maintenance of reliable records and the preservation of their authenticity over time. It…


Towards a framework for standardising recordkeeping metadata: the Australian recordkeeping metadata schema

Sue McKemmish, Glenda Acland, Barbara Reed

In July 1999 the Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Schema (RKMS) was approved by its academic and industry steering group. The RKMS has inherited elements from and built…


Records management research in Finland

Marjo Rita Valtonen

Records management is just beginning to emerge as a professional discipline in Finland where it only became possible in 1997 for the first time to study records management…


Assessing research in the United Kingdom: the Research Assessment Exercise 2001

Judith Elkin

In the United Kingdom the quality of research in Higher Education Institutions is assessed on a regular basis via the Research Assessment Exercises. The outcome determines…


Developing a research profile: a case study from the United Kingdom

Catherine Hare, Julie McLeod

Records management was identified as an emerging research theme in the last Research Assessment Exercise return from the School of Information Studies, University of…

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