Records Management Journal: Volume 9 Issue 2


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Corporate governance, decision making and evidence: an information management perspective

Russell McCaskie

In an increasingly litigious environment, contemporary public sector organisations are encountering myriad challenges, not the least of which is the manner in which they…


Risk management of organisational records

Angel Egbuji

The impact on business of the failure to manage non‐financial risks has been repeatedly demonstrated during the 1990s.1 Businesses are constantly faced with the need to…


Electronic recordkeeping – more than electronic document management

Urs Raas

Information and communication technology rapidly developed over the past decade and provided the means to easily capture, store and distribute documents in vast quantities…


RecFind and the future of records management software

Frank McKenna

This paper attempts to predict the future of records management software and GMB‘s RecFind‐Corporate product. It looks at a four‐year period through until the year 2003…

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