Records Management Journal: Volume 8 Issue 3


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Partnerships in professional education: a study in archives and records management

Elizabeth Shepherd

The theme of the 1990s is partnership. Government policies and organisational structures encourage collaboration. This trend is reflected in the archives and records…


Records management education and training at Liverpool: a year of change at LUCAS

Sarah Westwood

This article represents a reflection on issues which have arisen in the course of a year of change in archives and records management (ARM) training and education at the…


RECPRO – developing a European records management programme

Marjo Valtonen, Catherine Hare, Peter Horsman, Volker Schokenhoff

This article describes the genesis of a project to develop a European‐wide curriculum for electronic records management and explains its aims and progress to date. It is…


The rise of the ‘new age’ records management professional: records management education and training in Australia

Margaret Pember

The face of records management has changed forever. For many organisations this has meant the loss of the traditional records manager, even the whole records section, as…


Records management training in sub‐Saharan Africa

Peter Mazikana

This article gives an overview of records management education and training facilities in sub‐Saharan Africa and then focuses on a training methodology that is being used…

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