Records Management Journal: Volume 3 Issue 3


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The management of secret Police files in Eastern Europe

Martyn Rady

The communist political system in Eastern Europe rested not upon consent but upon coercion. As an ‘important centre of administrative repression’, the secret police proved…

Information and Common Law

James Michael

Discussions about ‘data,’ ‘information’, and ‘communication’ have a tendency to become discussions about the world in general, and it is notoriously difficult to establish…

Computers in Developing Countries: A Closer Look at the Uganda Situation

Mary Muhenda

Wherever we are, whether we are living in a rural area, in a village or in an isolated community or in an Urban Centre or big city, we all need information of some kind at…

‘Loose Leaves’

Veronica Davies

The Independent on Sunday runs an infuriating weekly competition, in which readers are asked to identify an old master from a tiny detail of the work. The new Sainsbury…

Managing Information Technology

Ralph Cornes

When relational databases (RDBs) appeared there was a deal of confusion about what they were. Everybody now knows that they are only a collection of very simple records in…

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