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Study On Awareness Of Records Management

Den‐ichiro Hirota

These days the Japanese have been increasingly demanding freedom of information, or a system to open official information to the nation, or community residents, when…

Records Management as the Basis of Open Information

Hata Hiroyuki

With the complication, intensification and specialization of administration, the information drawn up and acquired by administrative organs for the performance of their…

The Records Management Business in Japan

Tsubosaka Tatsuya

A view is held that the information society equals a society with a surplus of information, or overflowing with information. On the other hand, all walks of business and…

Disaster Prevention in Records Management in Japan

Ogawa Yūjiro

Because Japan is on the western extremity of the Pacific Ocean and on a typhoon route, every year several typhoons strike and much flood damage is suffered. Japan is also…

The Archive Management System in Shizuoka Prefecture


Because there are some differences between England's county system and Japan's system of urban and rural prefectures, before introducing the archive management system in…


Prefectural Archives and the Documents and Regulations of Chiba Prefecture

Tomio Kamata

Chiba Prefecture has a population of 5.55 million people living within its jurisdiction which consists of the peninsula lying just to the South East of Tokyo. Possessing…

A Records Management Society of No Records Managers

Munehisa (Sam) CRM Sakuyama

To form a professional association, it is necessary that a profession exist or is going to exist. People want to evolve a profession from their occupation. Lawyers…

The Records Management Society and An Archivist: A Japanese story of Unrequited Love

Chiyoko Ogawa

No Japanese records management colleagues can forget the name of Mr. William Benedon. He, the former President of IRMC, took the key role to push the establishment of the…

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